Volunteer at Horizons

Volunteer - Horizons at San Francisco Friends School

Volunteers are essential to the work that we do at Horizons. Each summer, a dedicated cohort of high schoolers, many of whom are San Francisco Friends School alumni, enter our classrooms to provide Horizons' teachers with invaluable support. 

If you are interested in becoming a high school volunteer with Horizons, please view our Volunteer Job Description and Job Application.

Horizons at SFFS would also appreciate volunteers with expertise in Salesforce, graphic design, grant writing, or event planning. If you have time or talent to donate, please contact Director Abby Rovner.

Like most organizations I have been involved in, Horizons has emphasized value on having a close knit community. Yet, unlike the majority of organizations, ever since my first day at Horizons I have felt a natural, welcoming ambiance that has helped me discover my place as a volunteer here. Students to students, faculty to faculty, and students to faculty, get to know each other and interact solely by asking to play banana tag or stepping into a game of soccer. The sense of inclusion that I have found here at Horizons is above and beyond.
— Summer 2017 Volunteer