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These kids deserve every opportunity. Sometimes opportunities aren’t always available unless people open up the door. When you set kids up for success, you’re not just changing their lives, you’re changing everyone’s lives who they interact with.
— Ashli Duncan, Horizons at SFFS’ 2019 Reading Specialist

Meet A Family

Horizons families are dedicated partners in their children’s educational success.

Kamila joined Horizons as a new Kinder student this past summer, and she will be returning to the Mission District’s Buena Vista Elementary this fall as a first grader. Her mother, Andrea, was an active, supportive, and smiling presence at Horizons each day all summer, where she visited Mission Pool to see Kamila’s swimming progress, served as a parent panelist at our Visitor’s Day event, and coordinated with other parent volunteers to bring Mexican paletas for all at Horizons’ end of program celebration.

As do so many in our community, both Kamila and her mom feel frightened and stressed by the increasingly anti-immigrant policies, climate, and national news. Together, they have faced many hardships, including securing affordable housing in the Bay Area, and through it all Andrea strives to be strong for her daughter, to model responsibility and gratitude, and to instill in Kamila respect for the dignity and equality of each and every person.

“Kamila is very intelligent, and she loves dance, music and art.  She really wanted to learn to swim, play soccer, and to do so many other things at the beginning of the summer. I wish I could give Kamila everything, but we just don’t have the resources. In Horizons she has had so many opportunities and experiences and her participation has helped me too because I am a single mom and I don’t have anyone to take care of her when I’m at work.  I know she’s safe and learning when she’s at Horizons.” 

- Andrea, SFFS Kinder Parent

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A Summer of Growth

Tall for her age, Kamila has an impish grin, speaks and reads both Spanish and English, and wants to be a ballet dancer when she grows up. She loves whipped cream, dancing, making homemade tortillas, and creating art experiments with her mom. Her Kindergarten teacher at Buena Vista first referred Kamila to Horizons last year, citing her need to experience new academic opportunities, strengthen her math and reading skills, and avoid summer learning loss.

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and Learning!

Throughout Horizons’ six weeks of summer programming, Kamila arrived on time and didn’t miss a single day. In the classroom she practiced reading in both languages, researched and created a presentation about fireflies for our End of Program Celebration, and played games to strengthen her math skills. And, despite her mom’s fear of the water, this summer Kamila blew bubbles, floated on her back, and learned to paddle and kick at Mission Pool.