A solid foundation.

Horizons at SFFS students spend at least 2.5 hours each day on reading, writing, math, and science instruction led by experienced independent and public school teachers. A 5-to-1 student-teacher ratio and a reading specialist who provides individual literacy support ensure that no students fall through the cracks. Bilingual classrooms build upon the work that many of our students are doing in their immersion classrooms during the year.


Horizons at SFFS' curriculum has been specially designed by our teachers to build upon the California Common Core Standards while incorporating the rich cultural context of the Mission District. In Summer 2017:

  • Kindergarten students built stamina during independent reading time, reinforced addition and subtraction strategies, used words to solve problems, and learned about animals through hands-on activities and live animal observations
  • First graders practiced writing about their reading, counted money, built empathy, learned about seeds, and participated in a classroom farmer's market
  • Second graders focused on making connections to their reading, practiced various addition and subtraction strategies, reflected on the choices they made in different situations, and studied energy through hands-on experiments
  • Third graders worked on how to learn from a nonfiction book, studied fractions, participated in a science unit on electricity, and presented posters on changemakers

The guiding questions for our 2017 program were:

  • How do we see and solve problems in different ways?

  • How do I help others feel valued, safe and welcome?

  • How do we work together to make our world the best it can be?
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